Seriously, how can you even be considering electing this guy?

He Loves To Screw The Little Guy

Are you blue-collar? Actually work hard for a living? Trump doesn't give a rat's ass about you, and he's shown it time and time again, yet you all want to elect him because he "speaks to you". Keep telling yourselves that...

He's Not An Idiot, But He Thinks You Are

He knows exactly what he's doing, and that he has to talk down to his "base". Hell, it's been shown that he speaks to his followers at a 4th grade level, and you all eat up every single word. Suckers.

Trump Could Care Less About "Made in America"

So he wants to start a trade war to bring jobs back to America? The same guy who time and time again chose to make his crappy goods overseas, when other companies were making similar items here? Yea, you keep believing he cares about the American worker.

No One Wants To Be Associated With This Bully

The only people willing to get on stage with him are those who have few other options. Even then, they look beaten down by this guy. Just look at Chris Christie and Mike Pence's body language when they're on stage with him. It's a last resort for both of these guys. Heck, he can't even get anyone of substance to speak at the convention, what does that tell you?

I get that you're fed up with the status-quo, I am too. The last thing I wanted to see was a continuation of the Bush or Clinton years. That said, I fully understand just how dangerous it would be to elect someone like Trump. This guy is a cancer on our country, yet a surprising number of average Americans want to give him the keys to the Oval Office. He's shirked fiscal and moral responsibility on many occasions through abuse of bankruptcy laws, sues pretty much everyone he comes in contact with, and seems to think that diplomacy consists of name calling.

Is this really who you want leading your country? It's not who I want leading mine.